Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining at Koinz Trading.

Koinz Trading has chosen to make bitcoin mining attractive to individuals. Koinz Trading is the first company in Europe to offer a bitcoin mining farm for individual traders. We can offer these mining machines at very competitive prices, as we have developed and produced them ourselves.

It makes more sense to invest in a bitcoin mining machine than in solar panels. Solar panels take 10 years to recover your investment. When you buy a bitcoin mining machine as an investment it takes +/- 12 months before your investment is returned, depending on the price! Everything after these 12 months is pure profit. At Koinz Trading, you sign a purchase agreement for the hardware machine (computer) which is then your property! Each computer has a unique serial number. Your unique agreement will be linked to your purchase agreement, meaning the computer will always remain your property even if Koinz Trading should go bankrupt. Because of this, risks are extremely limited.

Start up costs at Koinz Trading:

At Koinz Trading, a bitcoin mining machine (computer) costs € 6.100, (ex VAT) and not including the service contract and connection costs. This is a very competitive price! The service contract is charged at € 23.00 per month and is deducted from your balance so that you do not need to pay additional charges. The service contract is valid for 12 months after your bitcoin mining machine’s purchase date. After 12 months you need only give one month’s notice to terminate the service contract.

After your purchase:

After signing the purchase agreement and service contract, your computer will be connected to and activated at our bitcoin mining farm. After the initial month, we will start sending your earnings to your bank account.

Why makes bitcoin mining at Koinz Trading so attractive?

Koinz Trading is the first ever bitcoin mining farm for private investors in Europe. The number of computers that our investors buy from Koinz Trading are also included in our bitcoin mining farm and linked to co-investor computers. We link all our investors’ computers so that all investor returns increase.

A short word about potential earnings:

The purchase of one computer has a yield of +/- 0.2 bitcoins per month, the current rate at time of print being € 3900.00 per bitcoin, meaning your earnings would be €780,00 per month. A single computer will pay for itself at current rates in just 7.5 months.


When you buy multiple computers, Koinz Trading connects these together for you, increasing your monthly earnings! Imagine you buy 2 computers; you would expect your return to be +/- 0.4 bitcoins each month. However, because Koinz Trading connects your computers to each other, higher returns are generated! For 2 computers you would receive +/- 0.43 bitcoins per month. With current rates at € 3900.00, that’s € 1677! You will have paid for both computers in only 7  months. What it comes down to is this: the more investors buying our bitcoin mining machines, the higher your return. This is because Koinz Trading links every single computer to each other.

In the YouTube video below you can see more about what exactly bitcoin mining is: